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Backpacking Fitness

Illustration by Jacob Thomas

Pass/Fail: Telemark Skiing

By: Dennis Lewon

Free-the-heel fans call it the most elegant way to get down a mountain. Can our man learn to turn?

Snowshoeing shares hiking's DNA.
Fitness Skills

Winter Skills: Snowshoeing

By: Maren Horjus

Forget CrossFit. Forget hot yoga, Soulcycle, Soloflex, and your Body Pump class. There is no better short-duration, full-body workout than postholing. With a pack on. While snowshoeing. Uphill.

Cross-country skiing provides the perfect balance between speed and savoring the sights. Illustrations by Supercorn
Fitness Skills

Winter Skills: Cross-Country Skiing

By: Maren Horjus

If you’re after the perfect balance between speed and savoring the sights, sounds, and Christmas-tree smells of the winter world, then go straight for the middle way with cross-country skiing.

hike recovery

How To Recover Today and Hike Stronger Tomorrow

By: By James Fisher, Certified Personal Trainer & Performance Enhancement Specialist

An expert personal trainer shares tips on a post-hike recovery regimen that'll keep your trail legs strong.

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