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Backpacking Fitness

Photo by K-Well
Fitness Skills

How to Walk Better: Train Your Feet and Legs

By: Annette McGivney

Yes, there's a better way to put one foot in front of the other. Improve your stride, trek farther, and end leg and back pain with our guide to the new science of healthy hiking.

Illustration by Jacob Thomas

Pass/Fail: Telemark Skiing

By: Dennis Lewon

Free-the-heel fans call it the most elegant way to get down a mountain. Can our man learn to turn?

Snowshoeing shares hiking's DNA.
Fitness Skills

Winter Skills: Snowshoeing

By: Maren Horjus

Forget CrossFit. Forget hot yoga, Soulcycle, Soloflex, and your Body Pump class. There is no better short-duration, full-body workout than postholing. With a pack on. While snowshoeing. Uphill.

Cross-country skiing provides the perfect balance between speed and savoring the sights. Illustrations by Supercorn
Fitness Skills

Winter Skills: Cross-Country Skiing

By: Maren Horjus

If you’re after the perfect balance between speed and savoring the sights, sounds, and Christmas-tree smells of the winter world, then go straight for the middle way with cross-country skiing.

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