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Backpacking Fitness

Self portrait of Cam Honan, Ultrahiker
Fitness Skills Ultralight

Hike Like a Pro

By: Barney Scout Mann

How do you get good at hiking? Hike a lot. And we haven't met anyone who's logged more miles than Cam Honan.

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Motivation to get you moving (by K. Phillips)
Experts Fitness Skills

Fitness Excuse Busters

By: John D. Colver and Jason Stevenson

Mountain guide and author of Fit by Nature John D. Colver offers up these hints for staying motivated and fit no matter what your excuse.

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First Aid Fitness

Backpacking Fitness

Boost performance and be a better backpacker with these fitness- and strength-building moves from our experts.

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Fitness Skills

Build Backpacking Muscles

By: Joseph Leff

Strengthen three key areas - shoulders, ankles, and core - this winter so you can tackle tougher trails next spring.

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  • Model: Deanna Ardrey (by A. Bydlon) Dynamic Hiking Stretches
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  • Section Image 140x75 37619 Back Strengthener: Lower Back Complex
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