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Tune Up: Protect Your Joints and Build Pivot Power

Get ready for spring with 3 joint-specific routines.
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Stability | Agility | Power

3. Power

Weak Link
Most treadmill ramps stop at 15 degrees, but real trails get steeper.

The Drill
Stand with your feet together. Give yourself 20 feet of space. Bend at the waist and knees until your hands are on the floor. Supporting your weight with your hands, spring your feet back so that your torso is extended (a push-up position). Wait one second, then spring your feet forward to your hands and return to a standing position. Take three two-footed leaps forward. After your third touchdown, reverse direction and repeat the entire exercise three more times.

This combo of jumps prepares your torso and legs to power through explosive scrambles.

Stability | Agility | Power

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