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Tune Up: Protect Your Joints and Build Pivot Power

Get ready for spring with 3 joint-specific routines.
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Stability | Agility | Power

2. Agility

Weak Link
If crossing an icy parking lot has been your trickiest winter footwork, you need to rebuild your reflexive reactions for the trail.

The Drill
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with 30 feet of space ahead. Leap up and forward, crossing your legs in midair so that you land, still facing forward, with your feet crossed. Jump forward again, uncrossing your legs to return to your original orientation. Continue these jumps for 30 feet, then turn around and come back for a full lap. Repeat twice more.

Building proprioception (the sense of space and movement) in your feet and ankles will reduce the risk of a fall.

Stability | Agility | Power

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