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How to Do Everything – Camping

Find water anywhere, make a fire in five minutes, learn secrets for battling mosquitoes, and more.
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Hiking | Packing & Planning | Camping | Gear | First Aid & Health | Cooking

Water 101 | Build a Fire | DIY Grommets, Windscreen | Master Three Knots | Set Up Camp | Beat Bugs & Bears | Two-Second Tips


Bowline This go-to knot is ideal for hanging food bags, lowering packs off cliffs, and for use as a makeshift climbing harness.

Clove Hitch A must-know for paddlers, the clove hitch is the best way to securely lash a floating canoe or raft to a fixed point (such as a tree).

Taut-Line Hitch Perfect for guying out a tent, this knot can be adjusted on a tightened rope without releasing the tension on the line.

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