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BACKPACKER First Aid Center

From splinting a broken leg to duct taping a bloody wound, the BACKPACKER First Aid Center is an invaluable resource for backcountry first aid.
first aid center main image 445x260(Photo by Genny Fullerton)

PHOTO SLIDESHOW: How to Treat a Fractured Leg
Stabilize an injured leg with a sleeping pad and a few T-shirts.

PHOTO SLIDESHOW: How to Treat a Gaping Wound
Here’s how to stop the bleeding, close the wound, and prevent infection.

PHOTO SLIDESHOW: How to Treat a Blister
Learn how to fix this common hiking ailment correctly and you’ll be back on the trail in no time.

PHOTO SLIDESHOW: How to Treat a Fractured Arm
Learn how to improvise a splint with common backpacking gear.

PHOTO SLIDESHOW: How to Treat a Sprained Ankle
Add support and reduce swelling in 5 easy steps.

VIDEO: Treating Bloody Wounds
Learn how to treat bleeding cuts, and you just might save your hiking partner’s life–or your own.

VIDEO: Treating Broken Bones
If you know how to diagnose, treat, and splint a broken leg with camping gear, you’ll better your odds for survival.

VIDEO: Preventing & Treating Hypothermia
Prevent the deep chill by learning how to spot and treat hypothermia in the backcountry.

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