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Outdoor First-Aid

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Outdoor first aid differs from your everyday first aid within the city limits. In the backcountry, you need to be prepared for a variety of injuries and ailments. Since you’ll most likely be doing a lot of walking while in the backcountry, Muscle strains and sprained ankles are also a common occurrence and can be remedied with an elastic bandage to reduce swelling while providing support. Flesh wounds are also a common injury. Be sure to clean the affected area with filtered water, then antibiotic ointment, then wrapping the wound with gauze and tape. Other, more serious injuries like frostbite, head trauma, broken bones, and dehydration from diarrhea can also occur in the backcountry.

First Aid

First Aid for Burns

Cool, clean, and treat with advice from Buck Tilton, Backpacker’s Medicine Man.

tape a sprained ankle
First Aid Skills Survival

How-To Slideshow: Learn to Tape a Sprained Ankle

By: Steve Howe

This low-bulk bracing is used by sports trainers and wilderness medics to stabilize weak ligaments and discourage further injury. You can apply all sorts of extras like pre-wrap liners, ankle pads, and skin adhesive, but here's the down and dirty trail version.

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