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Dubious Advice From Readers

While BACKPACKER readers are usually fonts of wisdom, not all tips are winners. Here are some of the worst.

» Here’s a weight-saving idea: Remove your hiking boots’ insoles and attach them to your feet with a Velcro strap ($3 at REI). They make for semicomfortable camp shoes. 

John Engvall, Jr., Houston, TX

» Your cougar tip is fatal. [Editors’ note: We have no idea what this references.] You do not insult a great beast. You bow your best bow, and talk to it like an equal by greeting it with, “Greetings, Your Majesty.” And you might ask, “Would you walk with me, my friend?” 


» To save weight and space if it’s not too cold, skip the sleeping bag. Wear a down jacket and hat, thick socks, and put your legs through your fleece jacket. Cut more than two pounds from your pack just like that! 

Joel Nyquist, South Riding, VA 

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