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Backcountry Bartender: Tequila Review

Say goodbye to Jose and say hello to these tasty tequilas you won't want to miss.

El Tesoro Platinum
Hailing from the heart of tequila country, El Tesoro takes care to use many older, traditional methods in producing their tequila. They are one of a small number of distilleries (of any type of alcohol) that distil right to the 80 proof it is bottled at, instead of distilling to a higher proof and cutting the resulting product with water. The result is a deliciously herbaceous, earthy, and smooth tequila. It boasts aromas of earthy agave, smoke, and light citrus, then follows on the palate with a full bodied sweetness. Very much herbaceous, with white pepper and lemon accompaniment, and another long, spicy finish.

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