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Gear Review: Mary Janes Farm High Attitude Six Pack (Bulk Dehydrated Food)

Stock your backcountry pantry for a full season of chowing down on delicious, satisfying, organic (and vegetarian) trail food.

Whether you’re still looking for a way to spend your tax refund, preparing for a summer of adventure, or just trying to save some cash by buying bulk, consider stocking up for a full season in the backcountry with the High Attitude Six Pack from Mary Janes Farm, which includes 12 to 25 servings each of six of the company’s most popular dishes for backpackers.

Mary Janes Farm bulk options are a bargain compared to individual pouch prices you’ll find at the local gear shop. One of four different sampler packs available, the High Attitude includes 18 pounds of food in three-pound bulk bags—67 big meals and 9 desserts. The food comes in big plastic bags, but I suggest also ordering EcoPouches (about 50 cents each – ask for them when you order). These burnable 7 by 8.5-inch bags let you portion out meals to suit your appetite and seal them yourself with a low-heat iron. Of course, zipper lock baggies work just fine also.

Just to be clear: I’m not a “foodie” or a vegetarian, nor are my friends who helped me taste test the sampler while on a snowshoeing trip on Mount Hood’s Cooper Spur. Whatever our palettes might lack in sophistication, however, we make up for in appetite. Read on for the rundown of our favorites–in order–of some of the best food you’ll ever eat on the trail.

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