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October 2005

Freshen Up: Fruits and Vegetables on the Trail

Liven up camp fare with these 35 natural foods.

The Big Chill

Freezing foods at home will keep some must-refrigerate items edible for a day.

  • Cook and cool meats, then triple-wrap them-first in stretchy plastic, then in foil, then in a zipper-lock bag-and freeze.
  • For scrambled eggs on your first morning in camp, crack eggs into a leakproof bottle and freeze overnight.
  • Sauces freeze well, too. Try this recipe from adventure photographer Layne Kennedy: “Transfer pesto into a zipper-lock bag and freeze. Within the first 2 days of your trip, mix the thawed pesto with dehydrated sweet tomatoes, fresh garlic, and toasted pine nuts. It is a delicious topping for pasta, rice, freshly caught fish, even a cheese and salami bagel.”

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