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Dandelion Burgers: A Vegetarian Recipe

This vegetarian burger recipe will suit your palate and clean-up the environment.

Whether at home or in the backcountry, there’s one weed everyone can recognize from 40 paces: dandelion. Land mangers across the country are trying to stem this little yellow monster that spreads like wildfire, due in part because it’s so darn cute. You just can’t help but pick the wiry white heads that look like a perm gone bad and blow the puffy parachute seeds.

One Pennsylvania man may have found a way to slow down the yellow scourge in the backcountry, one flower at a time. Frank Cetera, of Slippery Rock, makes dandelion burgers on his backpacking trips.

Admittedly, he isn’t trying to clean up the environment. “I saw it as using a wild resource common to everyone’s environment,” says the 28-year-old Cetera. “I like to try new and different things and I like to cook.” He saw the dandelion burger recipe in a newsletter and adapted it to backpacking by using lightweight ingredients. The recipe calls for a cup of dandelion blossoms. No blossoms, no seeds, no weeds.

While dandelion burgers may not be the entire answer to the noxious weed problem organizations like Student Conservation Association, The Nature Conservancy, and the Bureau of Land Management are trying to fight, it does answer the grumbling in your stomach.

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