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Better to the Last Drop

A hiker cannot live on water alone. Next time out, try these coffee, tea, and wine updgrades.

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Status quo
Instant coffee: high on convenience, low on taste

Upgrade Fresh beans and trail-friendly grinders and presses

Fresh Purists pack whole beans and a portable hand grinder like the 11-ounce GSI JavaGRIND (above, $20, The rest of us will be satisfied with a bag of our favorite fresh-ground beans. To brew, pack a dedicated Lexan French press like the JavaPress (below, $25,, or convert a 32-ounce wide-mouth Lexan water bottle by inserting the flexible Press-Bot ($20,

Quick Add boiling water to preground filter packets like MUD Gourmet Coffee ($1.50, or Java Juice liquid extract ($1, The latter also works with cold water for iced coffee. These are fast and light, but don’t match the flavor of fresh-ground.

Coffee | Tea | Wine

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