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Camp Cooking

Keeping energized while backpacking enables you to push farther along the trail to get to that fantastic vista you’re after, making backcountry cooking a key skill. Hygiene, bear safety, culinary creativeness and kitchen efficiency make backcountry cooking a life-time skill. Enjoy our articles and tips on how to maintain a top-notch kitchen in the wild.

Backcountry Cocktails Small
Drink Recipes

Camp Cocktails

By: Becky Kivlovitz

Four recipes for camp cocktails on different occasions.


Test Kitchen: Backcountry Booze

By: Becky Kivlovitz

A great ending to a good day on the trail? A tasty cocktail in camp. We consulted trail-savvy bartenders for their top recipes and tested more than 100 varieties of beer, wine, and liquor to find the most pack-friendly picks.

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  • French Toast with strawberries served on the MSR Mountain Plate: $9.95, 4.4 oz Essential Camp Kitchen Gear
  • Eat up! Each recipe makes 2 sandwiches. Variation: Use graham crackers instead of chocolate cookies. Super-Easy No-Bake Cheesecake Sandwiches
  • In 2013, Fort George released a mere 2,200 cases of this delectable treat. Named after the record company of the same name, the Tender Loving Empire brings an ethereal tangerine hue to the table, rounding out the killer flavor. 10 Unique Beers for the Backcountry
  • Stir in the marshmallows and chocolate chips and sprinkle the broken grahams on top for some crunch. You’re welcome. 7 Mind-Blowing Oatmeal Upgrades
  • Voila! A beautiful meal fit for royalty. Eat it while it’s hot! You can use different varieties of cheese, bagel, meat, and kale chips for endless flavor possibilities. Recipe: Backcountry Eggs Benedict
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Backcountry Bartender: Fusions

Add a new dimension to your backcountry cocktail repertoire.

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