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Winter Survival Guide: Travel

Hiking through the snow is beautiful, but not exactly easy. Use these tips to make your winter traverse all the more pleasant.
Prepping to travel (A. Bydlon)

Keep Crampons Clear
“Snow can ball up between the spikes and cause you to slip. Prevent buildup by getting anti-balling plates, plastic pieces that block and shed snow so it doesn’t build up underfoot and compromise traction. You can buy them for $25 to $50, or make your own with plastic and duct tape.”
Brendan Oldham, Colorado Mountain Club instructor

Preempt Frostnip
“Examine the skin on your face, ears, fingers, and toes for white-looking, waxy, or numb spots. Rewarm with skin-to-skin contact or warm water (no rubbing).”
Tod Schimelpfenig, NOLS/WMI curriculum director

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