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Winter Hiking: Master Winter Travel

Quick tips for your transportation of choice.

These light, flexible sticks are your ticket to exploring rolling backcountry terrain.

>> Use the herringbone technique to ascend steep hills: Spread your skis into a V shape with the point of the V behind you, and duck-walk up the hill, putting your weight on the inside edges.

>> To descend, use the snowplow to control speed (form a V with the point in front of you), or switchback across the slope with your weight on the uphill ski edges.

>> Cover flat terrain with the classic "kick and glide," a move in which you slide one foot forward while lightly kicking with your other foot to propel yourself ahead. Plant your kicking side’s pole lightly into the snow with each glide. Arms should be shoulder-width apart (don’t cross over your body) and slightly bent. Lean your torso slightly forward, with shoulders rounded. For more glide, keep your weight over the forward, driving ski.

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