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Winter Hiking: Master Winter Travel

Quick tips for your transportation of choice.


These mohair or synthetic strips stick to the bottoms of your A.T. or tele skis and provide the traction needed to ascend slopes.

>> As you glide uphill, don’t waste energy by picking up your feet too much with each step; instead, skim the ski just above the surface as you move it uphill.

>> Another common mistake: trying to skin straight up a supersteep slope, which is inefficient and draining. Instead, switchback up slopes of more than 35 degrees. (Keane’s rule of thumb: If the slope is steep enough to require using your skis’ riser bars, it’s too steep to beeline.)

>> Separating skins is often like pulling apart Krazy Glue. Speed up the process by buying "cheat sheets" (like Voile’s $18 ones, Press these long, thin mesh sheets onto a skin’s sticky side, then fold the skin in half like a sandwich. This makes it easier to separate later and also preserves the glue’s adhesiveness, extending your skins’ lifespan.

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