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Bugs getting into your tent? And other common questions.

Keep up with your buddies on the trail, backpack on the cheap, keep pesky bugs out of your tent, and stay on track with your weight loss goals without bonking mid-trip.

Claudia Pearson

NOLS Rations Manager

Trying to lose weight, but don’t want to bonk on the trail

”Backcountry travel requires physical stamina and high-stakes decision-making, both of which are tough on a restrictive diet. Even if you eat normally (usually between 2,000 and 2,500 calories a day without exercising, depending on your gender and metabolism), the extra activity means you’ll likely lose weight if you’re hiking four or more hours daily. So instead of counting calories, focus on eating as much nutritious food (minimally processed, low-fat, low-sugar) as you need to maintain your activity level. A carb- and protein-rich breakfast like oatmeal with nuts will give you a boost and stave off cravings. Keep your energy levels high by eating six small meals throughout the day. Snack if you notice signs of dropping blood sugar like dizziness, fatigue, or irritability.”

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