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Bugs getting into your tent? And other common questions.

Keep up with your buddies on the trail, backpack on the cheap, keep pesky bugs out of your tent, and stay on track with your weight loss goals without bonking mid-trip.

Gear Repair
Kristin Hostetter


Bugs getting into my tent

“The most common cause is simply leaving your tent a bit unzipped—check your doors. If that’s not the issue, look for tears in the walls. For nylon, place a Tear-Aid Type A patch ($10; on the inside of the tent wall (A); use SilNet (for siliconized nylon; $7; or Seam Grip (for polyurethane-coated nylon; $7; to reinforce the outside (B). For mesh, place a mesh patch from MSR’s Fabric Repair Kit ($20; on either side of the wall, adhesive to adhesive, then seal the perimeter with Seam Grip for extra security.”

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