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Bugs getting into your tent? And other common questions.

Keep up with your buddies on the trail, backpack on the cheap, keep pesky bugs out of your tent, and stay on track with your weight loss goals without bonking mid-trip.

David Clair
Founder, Fitness For Living

Lagging behind my buddies on the trail

“Cardiovascular endurance is often the weak point for slower hikers. Improve by adding these stamina-building exercises to your routine.
» Endurance running Start with a 30-minute jog three times a week, adding five to 10 minutes at a time as it gets easier. For extra strength training, add a set of push-ups or a section of bounding strides every five minutes.
» Interval training Do the exercises below for four minutes each, following this cycle: 20 seconds of high-intensity work, 10 seconds of rest. Start with two days a week and add another as you progress. Squat jumps Repeatedly jump as high as you can, landing into a squat. Advanced: Add an overhead press with a medicine ball to each leap. Wall jump taps Stand facing a wall. Jump quickly and repeatedly, touching a spot 6 to 18 inches above your outstretched hands.”

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