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February 2001

Organize Your Backpacking Trip

Meet Jamie and Joe, who need help with everything from planning to packing to eating well. Enter our team of experts, with a few simple tricks designed to turn them-and you!-into well-oiled backpacking machines.

The 3-Day, Two-Person Meal Planner

Grocery List

From supermarket or health-food store (check the recipes below for the exact quantities you’ll need, then check at home before you buy. Items are arranged in order by typical grocery aisle):

arrow lemon(1)

arrow bell pepper (1)

arrow raisins (large box)

arrow dried pear halves (small package)

arrow dried peach halves (small package)

arrow dried mushrooms (small package)

arrow dry-packed sun-dried tomatoes

(1 ounce)

arrow kidney beans (2 large cans)

arrow chicken in water (5-ounce can)

arrow condensed mincemeat (small jar)

arrow butter (1 stick)

arrow Cheddar cheese (8-ounce package)

arrow pepperoni (1.5 ounces)

arrow jerky (2 medium strips)

arrow brown sugar

arrow vanilla

arrow flour

arrow baking soda

arrow salt

arrow rolled oats

arrow sweetened condensed milk (14 ounces)

arrow chopped dehydrated onion

arrow chocolate chips (small package)

arrow chopped walnuts

arrow raw cashews

arrow French bread

arrow flour tortillas (small package)

arrow instant brown rice

arrow Coconut Ginger soup mix (1 packet;

A Taste of Thai is good)

arrow dehydrated vegetarian chili mix (the

mix by Fantastic is good)

arrow instant hummus

arrow graham crackers (small box)

arrow fig bars (small package)

arrow corn chips (small bag; Fritos is good)

arrow Goldfish crackers

arrow pretzels (small bag)

arrow hard candy, such as cinnamon balls,

coffee nips, caramels

arrow malted milk balls

arrow yogurt-covered raisins

arrow gorp

arrow hot sauce (small bottle)

arrow nut butter (cashew butter is superb)

arrow quart-size zipper-lock bags (1 box)

arrow permanent marker (for labeling bags

with contents and cooking directions)

arrow oven roasting bags (small box)

arrow freeze-dried corn (small package;

available from Adventure Foods, 828-497-4113;; Backpacker’s Pantry, 800-641-0500;; or

Just Tomatoes, Etc., 800-537-1985;

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