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How to Do Everything – Hiking

From navigation to staying dry to predicting the weather, our primer will have you dialed.
compassillo(Illustrations by Supercorn)

Hiking | Packing & Planning | Camping | Gear | First Aid & Health | Cooking

Navigate Off-Trail | Stay Dry in a Downpour | Descend Safely | Beat Fatigue on Steep Climbs | Read a Rattlesnake’s Body Language | Predict Weather With an Altimeter | Identify a Mountain Lion Track | 5 Ways to Navigate Without a Compass | 4 Ways to Prevent Blisters | Lace Your Boots for Maximum Comfort | Take a Perfect Summit Photo | Two-Second Tips


  • Heels: Cougars have three lobes on the hind edge of the heel pad, while dogs have just two. Lion tracks also have two points on the leading edge of the pad; dogs have a single leading edge.
  • Front toes One of the cougar’s middle toe pads is in front of the others. A dog’s toe pads are side-by-side.
  • Claws Lion tracks don’t show claw marks, unless the cat was running. Dog tracks usually do.
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