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How to Do Everything – Hiking

From navigation to staying dry to predicting the weather, our primer will have you dialed.
compassillo(Illustrations by Supercorn)

Hiking | Packing & Planning | Camping | Gear | First Aid & Health | Cooking

Navigate Off-Trail | Stay Dry in a Downpour | Descend Safely | Beat Fatigue on Steep Climbs | Read a Rattlesnake’s Body Language | Predict Weather With an Altimeter | Identify a Mountain Lion Track | 5 Ways to Navigate Without a Compass | 4 Ways to Prevent Blisters | Lace Your Boots for Maximum Comfort | Take a Perfect Summit Photo | Two-Second Tips

The altimeter on your watch gauges altitude by measuring air pressure: Falling pressure means you’re climbing, and rising pressure translates to going downhill. Dropping air pressure usually indicates an approaching storm system, while a rise in pressure means the weather is clearing. So if your altimeter says you’re hiking uphill and you’re not, pull out the rain shell: Foul weather is likely headed your way.

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