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How to Do Everything – Hiking

From navigation to staying dry to predicting the weather, our primer will have you dialed.
compassillo(Illustrations by Supercorn)

Hiking | Packing & Planning | Camping | Gear | First Aid & Health | Cooking

Navigate Off-Trail | Stay Dry in a Downpour | Descend Safely | Beat Fatigue on Steep Climbs | Read a Rattlesnake’s Body Language | Predict Weather With an Altimeter | Identify a Mountain Lion Track | 5 Ways to Navigate Without a Compass | 4 Ways to Prevent Blisters | Lace Your Boots for Maximum Comfort | Take a Perfect Summit Photo | Two-Second Tips

This method leaves wiggle room for toes and swelling feet, but still keeps the heel locked in place.
1) Lace boots normally, but don’t pull tight.
2) Tie a snug overhand loop at the ankle to create a locking twist, then wrap laces around eyelets.
3) Repeat the single overhand loop at each pair of eyelets.
4) If the boots feel too tight while hiking, relieve pressure by skipping a pair of eyelets near the top.

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