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December 2001

Fast Food: A Backpacker’s Guide To Grocery

A soup-to-nuts guide that'll get you through the supermarket and on the trail faster than you can say "express lane."

Grocery List

Here’s what you’ll need to feed two people on a weekend hike. See “2-Person, Weekend Meal Plan” on page 4.

Produce aisle

1 bulb garlic; 10 to 16 ounces trail mix; 2 to 3 ounces dried apples; 7-ounce resealable bag Dole CinnaRaisins

Cereal aisle

2 or 3 packets or cups oatmeal; 1 box of 8 granola bars (you’ll need 6)

Cracker & cookie aisle

7-ounce resealable bag Ritz Snack Mix; 7-ounce resealable bag Mini Oreo cookies

Beverage aisle

1 canister Crystal Light (contains 6 tubs of drink mix; you’ll need 2 to 4); 1 box flow-through coffee bags, hot chocolate packets, tea bags, and/or cider mix

Baking aisle

1 small bottle cooking oil

Rice & pasta aisle

1 package Rag? Express! Sweet Tomato and Garlic;

1 box Near East Creative Grains Roasted Pecan and Garlic

Soup aisle

6-ounce can chicken chunks

Paper & plastics aisle

Gallon-size zipper-lock bags

Dairy & bread aisle

12 medium tortillas; two 8-ounce packages cheese; 2 bagels

Deli case

6-ounce stick pepperoni

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