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Adventure Travel Skills

See more wildlife, climb more peaks, and hike more miles with these tips that'll help every adventure traveling backpacker raise their game.
Hiking into foreign territory. (by Kim Phillips)

Multisport Maniac
If your dream day involves paddling, hiking, and biking, learn how to:
>> Manage a Kayak in Rough Water
>> Get Rescue Insurance
>> Pack Smart for Every Sport

Is your goal to summit as many mountaintops as possible?
>> Avoid Jetlag
>> Adjust to Altitude
>> Get Foreign Beta
>> Transport Your Gear Safely

Wildlife Lover
If bear-spotting’s your passion, you’ll need to know how to:
>> Shoot Pro-Quality Animal Photos
>> See More Wildlife

Family Traveler
Read up about keeping everyone happy on the trail:
>> Prep The Entire Family

Mileage Master
Heading out for a 50-mile weekend or a 2,000-mile trek? 
>> Prevent High-Mileage Injuries 
>> Stay in Touch
>> Protect Your Feet

Limit Pusher
If your hikes are about challenging yourself, study up to:
>> Conquer Tough Terrain
>> Prep for the Hike of Your Life
>> Stay Fueled

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