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Rope-Swinging Could be Banned from Corona Arch, Utah

Daredevils may no longer be welcome.
image: Ken Lund/Flickr

The 100-foot Corona Arch in Moab, Utah—known to some as the “World’s Largest Rope Swing”—may soon be off-limits to thrill seekers.

The Associated Press reports that the Bureau of Land Management is considering banning the use of the arch as a 5-story pendulum swing.  Officials increasingly feel that tourists who come to see the arch don’t want the solitude disturbed by an “extreme sports arena pierced by daredevil howls.”

Safety concerns also played a role in the decision.  Last year, 22-year-old Kyle Lee Stocking of West Jordan died after leaving too much slack in his rope during a swing.  In March, a 25-year-old male from New York fell 70 feet from the arch and sustained serious injuries.

The BLM is considering banning extreme sports on other Utah lands as well, including Bowtie Arch and Gemini Bridges. The restrictions would curtail pendulum swinging, rappelling, zip lining, slack-lining, and high-lining.

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  1. muddybayou

    A total ban would be an incredibly stupid move. Then again, its a bureaucratic entity, so I’m sure its well-versed in making stupid moves. Darwin awards candidates have every bit as much right to the land as mother nature peeping toms do. I imagine they will settle the debate with something more compromising, yet limiting for the D.A. candidates, such as permits, or perhaps seasonal limitations. If they want to be “fair” about it, whatever they decide should be allotted to ALL users of the park, whether it becomes a simple permit requirement, or even a total ban at the parks.

    Mother Nature – the original extreme park.

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