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Online Exclusive: Readers’ Choice 2012: Regional Survey Results (Mountain West)

Grand Canyon and Colorado River (Photo by Trung Q. Le)Grand Canyon and Colorado River (Photo by Trung Q. Le)

We called for your help—and you answered! We wanted to know your favorite long trails, parks, and hikes in the Mountain West . Here’s how you responded.

Q: Of these most viewed weekend trips on our website, which would you most like to do next weekend? (Assume weather’s not an issue.)

A: These three trips topped the list: 

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>> Aspen, CO: Four Pass Loop (Maroon Bells)
>> Rocky Mountain National Park: Sandbeach Lake Loop
>> Grand Canyon National Park: South Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel Trail

Q: Of these big, classic trips in the Mountain West, which is #1 on your list to do before you kick the bucket?

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>> Teton Crest Trail
>> Crest of the Wind River Range
>> Grand Canyon: Tanner to Grandview

Q: What is your favorite long trail in the region?

A: 47% of you prefer the Continental Divide Trail.

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1. Continental Divide Trail (47%)
2. Colorado Trail (33%)
3. Arizona Trail (9%)
3. Great Western Trail (9%)
4. Grand Enchantment Trail (2%)

Q: What’s the best trailside pub in your region?
Q: What’s the top trail town in your area?

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