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Stephany Havens enjoys a welcome moment of sunshine.

The First Annual Colorado Trail Fest

In September, we gathered backpackers from around the country for the best hiking party the country had ever seen. And in 2017, we're doing it again.

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Billy Goat

Billy Goat’s Never-Ending Thru-Hike

By: Bill Donahue

For almost three decades, George “Billy Goat” Woodard has hiked roughly 150 days per year. Where will his journey take him next?

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News and Events

America Needs More Monuments

By: Doug Schnitzpahn

President Obama is creating national monuments at an unprecedented rate. Will that be enough to save America's last best places?

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protect the national parks
Conservation News

Protecting the Future of Our National Parks

By: Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan

It’s not all sunsets and s’mores. If the parks are going to last another century, we need to renew our effort to protect and preserve them. From garbage to global warming, here are the challenges—and solutions—ahead.

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