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Our Mission
We inspire and enable people to enjoy the outdoors by providing the most trusted and engaging information about backcountry adventure in North America.

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Dennis Lewon

Art Director

Bryan Nanista

Deputy Editor and Digital Director

Anthony Cerretani

Senior Editors

Casey Lyons

Rachel Zurer

Gear Editor

Kristin Hostetter

Assistant Editor

Maren Kasselik

Director of Online Production

Katie Herrell

Web Developer

John Williams

Tablet Media Specialist

Crystal Sagan

Digital Media Specialist

Trent Knoss

Special Projects Editor

Sarah Stewart

Northwest Field Editors

Ted Alvarez

Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan

Southwest Field Editor

Annette McGivney

Contributing Editors

Kelly Bastone, Jim Gorman, John Harlin, Steve Howe, Tracy Ross, Buck Tilton

Writer at Large

Steve Friedman

Office Manager

JoAnn Thomas

I.T. Specialist

Tony Pene

Editorial Interns

Katie Campesi, Ian Bagley, Kerry Wolfe

Digital Interns

Abbey Dufoe, Kathleen Ewen



Group Creative Director

Matthew Bates

Photo Editor

Genny Fullerton

Multimedia Specialist

Andrew Bydlon

Junior Designer

Brennah Rosenthal

Staff Photographer

Ben Fullerton


Group Publisher


Jeff Tkach

(303) 235-6411

Advertising Director

Sharon Houghton

(303) 625-5476

Midwest Account Manager

Charlotte Sibbing

(303) 730-7173

Eastern Account Director

JoAnn Martin

(917) 557-0191

Eastern Account Manager

Matt Higgins

(203) 246-9577

Western Account Managers

Nick Freedman

(707) 775-3353

Johanna Wolf

(707) 775-3353

Detroit Account Manager

Keith Cunningham

(248) 763-0526

Marketplace Manager

Ileana Morales

(303) 253-6467

Group Production Director

Barb Van Sickle

Prepress Manager

Joy Kelley

Prepress Specialist

Galen Nathanson

Advertising Coordinator

Kelsey McCarthy

Director of Integrated Marketing

Courtney Matthews

Digital Marketing Specialist

Amy Lewis

Events Directors

Sheri and Randy Propster

Circulation Director

Jenny Desjean

Director of Retail Sales

Susan A. Rose

Retail Sales Manager

Maureen Myatt

Newsstand Analyst

Bernadette Shaia

Group New Business Manager

Kathleen Donahue




300 Continental Blvd. Suite 650

El Segundo, CA 90245

(310) 356-4100, Fax (310) 356-4110

Chairman & CEO

Efrem Zimbalist III

President & COO

Andrew W. Clurman

Executive Vice President & CFO

Brian Sellstrom

Executive Vice President of Operations

Patricia B. Fox

SPV, Content and Product Development

Jonathan Dorn

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Outdoor and Mountain Groups

Al Crolius

Vice President, Controller

Joseph Cohen

Vice President, Research

Kristy Kaus



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Freelance Submissions


Editorial and Business Offices

5720 Flatiron Parkway

Boulder, CO 80301



Backpacker Subscription Department

PO Box 420235, Palm Coast, FL 32142-0235

(800) 666-3434 (386-597-4318 Outside the U.S.)

Please include name and address as they appear on the magazine mailing label with all correspondence. Allow 8 weeks for change of address. To remove your name from promotion lists, write to the address above.