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Gear Review: Leki Corklite AERGON SpeedLock Trekking Poles

Flick-lock poles that really work as promised.
june 2010 leki poles 445x260Leki Corklite AERGON SpeedLock (Courtesy Photo)

I’ve always liked the idea of flick-lock poles, with their promise of easy adjustments (unlike twist-locks, they’re impossible to overtighten) and durability (simpler parts mean fewer failures). But these three-section aluminum poles are the first I’ve tested that are truly easy to open and close in any weather, with or without gloves—even after a day of climbing that left my hands so worked I could barely make a fist. Credit a ball-and-lever mechanism with graduated resistance that makes the initial push easy and the final closure reliably tight. Downsides: Flick-locks are typically heavier than twist-locks, and these don’t have shock absorbers.

Best For
All-season hikers looking for a sturdy, easy-adjusting pole

Tester Data

> Jonathan Dorn (other tester: Kristin Hostetter)
> Duration Aug. to April
> Locales/conditions Alps, Rockies; snow, mud, talus

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