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March 2008 Tents Review: Two-Person Tents

Kelty Corrie 2 *
One tester raved about this freestanding double-wall’s monsoon-worthiness after prolonged, dumping rains in Wyoming’s Wind Rivers. Credit goes to a taut pitch created by its hubbed two-pole system. Thanks to an abundance of mesh, condensation was nil even on the rainiest of nights. Testers also praised how quickly the single-door, tunnel-shaped tent set up in the face of the approaching storm. Another plus: Steep walls maximize space in the smallish 11-square-foot vestibule, which provides room for two packs stacked on top of each other. While its low weight is appealing, big guys will find the tent’s 27 square feet of floor space and 40-inch peak a bit confining. $280; 3 lbs. 10 oz.

Marmot Aura 2P *FP
“Very efficient use of space.” That’s how our tester described this freestanding, double-wall dome. While other two-person tents have more floor space by the numbers, the Aura 2P proves that stats can be deceiving. The unique, asymmetrical pole structure creates almost vertical walls and a 40-inch peak height, providing more living space than we expected. An all-night rainstorm in Idaho’s Smoky Mountains left no doubt as to the tent’s supreme weather-worthiness. Our tester’s only complaint was minor condensation during extremely humid conditions with highs in the upper 30s. Two roomy vestibules house piles of gear, and the large tandem doors are easy to slip in and out of. $299; 4 lbs. 1 oz.

MontBell Crescent 2
There aren’t many two-person tents in this rarified weight class, and few compare with the Crescent 2 for its price-to-performance. It’s a non-freestanding hybrid that combines single- and double-wall construction, with a single pole that creates a steep-walled profile. The design easily shed heavy rainfall in Idaho’s Smoky Mountains, and the full-length vent along the single-wall side kept condensation to a minimum. Thirty-four square feet of floor space is sufficient for average-size campers, but the narrow profile reduces headroom. Biggest compromise: The tiny vestibule is hard to access because of a small door, and it accommodates little more than a couple pairs of boots. $279; 2 lbs. 12 oz.

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