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Gear Review: GoLite Poncho Tarp

An ultralight poncho/tent with durable 15-denier, siliconized fabric
Jan 2011 Gear GoLite Poncho Tarp 445x260GoLite Poncho Tarp (Courtesy Photo)

Golden rule of UL hiking: Find multiple uses for everything. This two-fer does just that. As a poncho, it protected me and my pack in deluges, and as a shelter it kept me dry on a rainy bivy near Little Giant Pass in the Cascades.

There’s ample space for one person (plus gear) to sit up and cook near the center pole. And despite the wispy weight, it’s durable: The 15-denier, siliconized fabric didn’t tear even when I wore it while bushwhacking through thick underbrush. $80; 7.7 oz.; 1 size;

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