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Gear Guide 2009: Nemo Nano OZ Tent Review

This eco-friendly single-wall tent doesn't skimp on quality features.
Nemo_Nano_OzNemo Nano OZ (Seth Hughes).

Eco-Friendly Single-Wall
The green ingredients in this single-wall tent are impressive: Recycled, post-consumer plastic is used for the fabrics, guylines, even the zipper tape. But it’s more than just a concept tent for green tech–it’s a legit lightweight shelter as well. To pitch the freestanding structure, you slide two crossing poles into the tent’s interior corners–which takes some practice, but saves ounces and creates a rock-solid structure that withstood blasting 40-mph winds in Wales’s Snowdonia National Park.

Vents and proprietary waterproof/breathable material kept the interior from steaming up even in prolonged wet weather. The single door is enormous and headroom above average, but interior floor space and vestibule storage merely adequate, so it’s not a great pick for big guys or gear-intensive trips. $449; 4 lbs. 3 oz.

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