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Gear Guide 2009: Eureka Zeus 2 Classic Tent Review

eureka_zeusEureka Zeus 2 Classic (Seth Hughes).

Killer Deal
“The Honda Civic of shelters” was how one tester described the value equation for this freestanding dome. The single-wall Zeus weighs less than four pounds and withstands brutal weather. Testers found it a dependable refuge during a week of torrential downpours in New York’s Catskills State Park. One reported, “Single-walls normally have excessive condensation in those conditions, but the mesh door and three hooded vents provided enough ventilation to minimize moisture build-up.” Setup is superfast: Clipping the two poles to the tent body achieved a drum-taut pitch that didn’t flap or rattle in high winds. The 33-square-foot floor is adequate–a pair of 200-pounders shared it but called it a tight squeeze–and the vestibule holds gear for two. Tradeoffs: It’s steamy in warm, humid weather, and has only one door. $160; 3 lbs. 14 oz.

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