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Camping Hammock Reviews

These versatile sanctuaries do more than just keep you dry. ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: See our video review of the latest bivys and hammocks.
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Camping Hammock | Versatile Tarp/Hammock | Bivy | Dryfly Tarp

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When a tent is overkill (think golden summer days) but you still want shade and minimalist shelter, the DryFly is a light, affordable pick. It pitches fast with eight guy-out points, and a scalloped shape sheds wind by reducing the surface area of the broadest side. Rigged high, the 12-foot tarp offers adequate protection for cooking and lounging with a small group. Or by yourself: "I rigged the ProFly over my hammock for shade and fell asleep in nanoseconds," said one tester after a sizzling hike in West Virginia’s Dolly Sods Wilderness. "After my nap, I simply unhooked the hammock and I had a sheltered cook space." $85; 1 lb. 6 oz.(828) 252-7808;

Camping Hammock | Versatile Tarp/Hammock | Bivy | Dryfly Tarp

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