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Camping Hammock Reviews

These versatile sanctuaries do more than just keep you dry. ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: See our video review of the latest bivys and hammocks.
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Camping Hammock | Versatile Tarp/Hammock | Bivy | Dryfly Tarp

Take the best qualities of a bivy sack (keeps you dry for minimal weight) and a space blanket (reflects as much as 80 percent of your body heat back at you), and you get the Penguin Reflexion Bivy. It’s made with Sympatex’s new Reflexion III fabric, a three-layer waterproof/breathable material with a shiny aluminum reflective inner membrane. One Colorado tester estimated that the bivy boosted his warmth by 15°F. It’s roomy enough for the puffiest winter bag–and even a tapered ground pad. The face hole stays open, but if you’re not claustrophobic you can zip it all the way up (body bag style) for full storm protection. The fabric’s breathability is adequate, but when the bivy is totally battened down, condensation can build up inside. Minimize moisture by unzipping the half-length zipper and opening the vent’s drawstring behind your head. $285; 1 lb. 7 oz. (403) 640-1445;

Associate editor Shannon Davis shows off some of his favorite bivy sacks in this video.

Camping Hammock | Versatile Tarp/Hammock | Bivy | Dryfly Tarp

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