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Gear Review: Mammut Alpine Mat UL Sleeping Pad

Get more for less with this durable foam pad from Mammut.
BP0413BAG_BYDLON_Mammut_AlpineMat_445x260.jpgMammut Alpine Mat UL (Andrew Bydlon)

[durable bargain]
The lightest option here, this closed-cell foam pad is also the most versatile: Our tester used it alone on summer trips, as a doubler for his air pad when winter camping (its R-value is 1.2), and as a cushioned seat during snack breaks.

The mummy shape saves weight, and the durable foam proved reliable in remote locations, where a popped air pad would be troublesome if it couldn’t be repaired. The featherweight foam costs a bit more than standard closed-cell pads, and has a smooth but slip-free finish (rather than ridged or egg-crate texture). $60; 3.5 oz.; 74” x 19” x .3”;

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