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Time-Tested Gear: Sleeping Bags and Pads

Many starry nights–and a handful of miserable ones–revealed the best bags and pads over the years.
november 2011 sleeping pads 445x260Marmot Col MemBrain (Courtesy Photo)

Expert Wisdom
1. Size matters. Climb in different models and check wiggle room. A superefficient mummy cut is no use if you can’t sleep.
2. Go long. For cold-weather bags, get the long size. The extra space at the foot is a great place to keep water, batteries, and electronics from freezing.
3. Dress right. When you wear excess layers to bed in a trim-fitting mummy bag, the insulation compresses so the bag can’t keep you warm. But if your bag is roomy, layer up so your clothes take up the dead air space.

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