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Online Exclusive

The BACKPACKER Sleeping Bag Water Torture Test

We go above and beyond the regular gear testing rigamarole. We'll simulate a thunderstorm, go for full submersion, and then, a cold–weather a beer fridge.
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In this trilogy of videos, Shannon Davis worms inside three waterproof sleeping bags for the ultimate insulation test.

Part 1: Simulated Rain Smackdown
In this gear test, Shannon Davis jumps in three sleeping bags and we hose them down to see how each one handles high-force rain.

Part II: Full Submersion
Yeah, we know you probably won’t ever get fully submerged in a raging river while in your sleeping bag, but that’s not good enough for us.

Part III: The Beer Fridge
Frigid temperatures are hard to find in the middle of the summer (when we shot this video) so after soaking these bags, we chilled out at a local liquor store. See which bag kept the cold out best.

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