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March 2008 Sleeping Bag Review: Start Smart Sleeping Bag Tips

Readers Rule!
Pad problems? Here are 3 solutions from BACKPACKER readers.

Get a Grip
“To keep from sliding on the slippery sil-nylon floor of my tent, I put silicone caulk dots on the bottom of my sleeping pad.”
Eric Blumensaadt, Henderson, NV

Memory Foam
“To save bulk, fold your foam pad accordion-style down to the length and width of your backpack, then weigh it down for a day (books work well). The foam will remember this position. It also makes a great backpanel for frameless packs.”
Benjamin Tang, Pasadena, CA

Outside In
“To avoid sliding off your pad at night, try putting it inside your sleeping bag. It’s not like those five crushed feathers and couple layers of cloth have much insulation anyway.
John Cooper, West Chester, PA

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