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March 2008 Sleeping Bag Review: Start Smart Sleeping Bag Tips

Sleep Warm
6 Easy ways to kill the chill

1: Take a bottle to bed. Fill a leakproof bottle with hot water–it’s like having an electric blanket. The Laken Iso 70 Thermos stays warm for hours.

2: Tank up. Your body needs fuel to produce heat. Eat a high-calorie dinner–or a snack before bed–to prep for cold nights.

3: Have a nightcap. A cup of hot cocoa or herbal tea deliver an instant warmth boost.

4: Wear a night cap. A fleece or wool hat prevents heat loss.

5: Do jumping jacks. Just before bed, five minutes of calisthenics jumpstarts your engine. Cold in the night? Do crunches in your bag.

6: Go pee. A full bladder uses precious body heat. And it’s uncomfortable.

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