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Teva - illum 2

  • Year: 2012
  • Height: low-cut
  • Upper: Synthetic fabric
  • Membrane: No membrane
  • Sizes Start: (Men/Women) 7 / 5
  • Sizes End: (Men/Women) 14 / 11
  • Product Notes:

    The illum 2’s topsole features Mush®, an incredibly comfortable foam material that molds to your foot’s contours. This comfort story extends to the strap, which is lined with super-soft, water-friendly Trek Dry™ microfiber and backed with a closed-cell foam package. Mounted on the strap is a waterproof LED Pedlamp™ that angles light directly onto your path. The illum 2’s Pedlamp™ is smaller (but just as powerful) than the original, with the on/off switch and replaceable battery now embedded into the medial side of the midsole, reducing the chances of accidental activation.
    -Our Spider365 Rubber sole will hold its grip in all kinds of environments
    -Our waterproof Pedlamp™ will help you water your step.
    -The illum 2’s integrated light is inconspicuous when off, and bright enough to light your way
    -Replaceable batteries mean your sandals’ usefulness doesn’t die with the battery
    -Trek Dry™ microfiber lining on the straps is soft and comfortable
    -A contoured topsole gives you arch support that most flip flops lack
    -synthetic upper