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Rip & Equip: Boots

First: Buy the right boots. Second: Keep them in tip top shape with these tips.

Leather Info Synthetics Info
Full-grain The full thickness of the cowhide (not sanded or buffed); best quality leather. Very durable with good water resistance. Polyester Versatile and used both alone or in blends. Abrasion resistant, easy to clean, and quick drying; often stiffer then nylon.
Nubuck Leather that’s sanded or buffed for a suedelike finish and easy-break-in softness. Good water resistance and durability. Nylon Lightweight and flexible, often mesh or paired with split-grain leather. Resistant to water, tears, and abrasions.
Split-grain Inner part of the hide that’s split from the outer hide. Often paired with synthetics to add durability to light, breathable boots. Synthetic leather Less expensive, lighter weight, and lower maintenance than natural leather. Water-resistant and easy to clean.
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