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Gear Review: Microcrampons

When the conditions call for grip but not burly crampons, strap on one of these three microcrampon options and feel secure on ice and snow.

[around camp]
STABILicers Sport
Taking a cue from old-style galoshes, these bright blue slip-on microcrampons are like the bottom half of an overshoe with small bolts secured into the bottom. The Sport style comes with a separate piece of Velcro – an easy accessory to lose or overlook – for strapping the spikes to your shoes or boots. Without the Velcro we fished one of the spikes out of a deep posthole in Rocky Mountain Park, so be sure to keep the Velcro handy for intense hiking outings. The bolts gripped well, even on uphills, and the bottoms shed snow easily. Getting the right fit is key because the Stabilicers’ have minimal stretch and need to fit over your toe and high on your heel, so be sure to size specifically for the shoes or boots you plan to wear them with. These microcrampons are ideally suited for icy campground use, or to pull out of your pack (they are easily foldable, packable, and won’t snag or tear other gear) sporadically when snow or ice creeps onto the trail.

The Stats:
Price: $40.00
Weight: 18 oz./pair (manufacturer spec)
XS – Women’s 5 – 7.5
S – Men’s 6 – 8, Women’s 7.5 – 9.5
M – Men’s 8 – 10, Women’s 9.5 – 11
L – Men’s 10 – 13, Women’s 11.5 and up

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