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Gear Guide 2009: Montrail Hardrock 09 Boot Review

Run and hike through any terrain thanks to the sticky outsole of this shoe.
gear, hiking boot, gear guide 2009, montrail, hardrockMontrail Hardrock 09 (Photo courtesy Montrail)

Best Run/Hike Crossover
Testers who like to move fast on long dayhikes pronounced the latest version of Montrail’s classic ultralight trail runner a keeper. “Awesome traction on everything,” said one tester after runs and hikes on trails ranging from dry sand to gravel to rain-slickened rocks. Credit a sticky rubber outsole with shallow, widely spaced lugs and a slight in-cut at the heel that delivers good braking.

The Hardrock has unparalleled rigidity and cushion for its weight, and a secure fit with enough toe space to prevent blackened nails on steep descents–critical both to mountain running and dayhiking with a light pack. The nonwaterproof mesh uppers kept testers’ feet ventilated even on rigorous two-hour runs, and the shoes dried very quickly after a dunking in a creek. Durability is the only caveat; we’ve had two lacehooks pop out and some fast
rubber wear with Montrails this year. Best for medium-volume feet. $110; 1 lb. 10 oz.

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