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Gear Guide 2009: Kayland Contact Boot Review

Don't let the tough and sturdy exterior fool you—inside this boot is pure, luxurious comfort.
gear, hiking boot, gear guide 2009, kayland, contactKayland Contact (Julia Vandenoever)

Best Buy
“It’s like looking at a tank and crawling inside to find plush carpeting, fancy couches, and beer on tap,” one seasoned tester said of this leather-and-synthetic mountain boot after outings in Colorado’s Indian Peaks and Never Summer Wildernesses.

The flawless comfort and fit comes from a superbly cupped heel, great arch support, and luxurious toe space; the eVent membrane armored against mud-season slop and snow, while proving
breathable even on 70°F days. The Contact has the support for loads of 50 pounds or more, thanks to a midsole that’s fairly stiff, but a pronounced rocker gives the comfort of a lightweight boot for smooth striding. Best for medium-volume feet. $230; 3 lbs. 5 oz. (men’s 9.5)

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