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Editors’ Choice 2011: TrekSta Evolution Mid GTX Hiking Boot

Get instant, all-day comfort and superb traction with this ultralight waterproof hiker.
BP0511_GearReview_MothersDay_Treksta_EvoMidGTX_445x260TrekSta Evolution Mid GTX (Courtesy Photo)

When it comes to hard-to-fit feet, we have a ringer on staff: an editor who, after hiking 1,600 miles of the AT, says his “feet are sensitive enough to get blisters from silk slippers.” He put the Evolutions on, hiked a week through Capitol Reef’s foot-chewing terrain, and says, “I didn’t have a single hot spot.” And so it went for nine testers across a wide range of sizes and foot shapes.

Credit TrekSta’s hype-worthy NestFit technology, which uses measurement data culled from three-dimensional laser scans of 20,000 different feet in order to account for every possible pressure point or gap (traditionally, making lasts is more art than science). The result is an amazingly secure fit that’s cradle-comfy but stable enough for surprisingly rugged conditions. That fit, combined with the midcut ankle stability, low weight, and a supportive-but-flexy midsole, puts the Evolution in a category unto itself. “I carried a 50-pound pack through five days of trailless, rocky terrain in Capitol Reef, and my feet were never sore,” says one tester. An elongated toe eliminates any hint of toe bang, and the anatomically shaped footbox leaves room for trail swell without feeling sloppy.

The low-profile tread gripped tenaciously, even on slush-covered slickrock, thanks to fiberglass-impregnated rubber pads. And despite the lightweight construction, it’s built to last: Even after that canyon-country abuse, the Evolution’s fabric upper showed only normal wear and tear, while the sole held up better than average for a shoe this light. Combine all that with reliable Gore-Tex waterproofing and the affordable price, and you get best-in-class performance on every front. $140; 1 lb. 15 oz. (m’s 9); m’s 7-13, w’s 5.5-10.5;

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  1. davemacac

    Worst boots I’ve ever bought; worst company I have ever tried to deal with!

    I’ve just finished my 10th camino and for the past 8 I’ve worn Keen Thargee and had no problems at all. That’s more than 8000km with not a single blister so I know a thing or two about comfortable boots. This time I was walking from Rome to Lisbon, 3000km so this is a fair review from a real hiker carrying a 20kg backpack, walking 20-30km a day.

    Two thirds along the way I had to buy a new pair of boots in Santiago and I was excited to find a pair of boots with so many rave reviews all over the internet. What a mistake!

    This company claimed to have scanned 20000 feet to make this Nestfit technology but after just 3 hours I was having my feet literally ripped apart by the rough stitching that goes straight up the heel. The design is appalling, it’s like a rasp on the skin. Within 4 hours the specially designed insole was covered in blood and I had to add extra padding to the rear section to turn these 140€ boots to something wearable. I am not talking about little red patches, or a little bit of rubbing, I am talking about large chunks of skin being rubbed raw. The first blister was 30mm round, it arrived in less than 3 hours and burst red blood, not blister juice, it was that quick.

    Despite these feeling comfortable in the shop; tried on with different thicknesses of socks etc, a size bigger for space, etc, etc, the heat and the Gore-Tex lining meant changing socks every hour, and searching for fountains to soak my feet to reduce the swelling caused by overheating; something never experienced even when walking through the south of Spain in August, which is much hotter than Galicia in the north where these boots have failed miserably.

    I have contacted the company for a response and a solution but they are not interested; perhaps they are busy writing their next lot of marketing bullshit? There is poor customer service and there is no customer service, this bunch fall into the latter.

    In summary, stay away from these boots unless you want a lightweight boot for very short distances; like walking to the bus-stop. The mid section provides very little support, the laces do not allow accurate tightness and are 4 times too long and the Nestfit name is more marketing smog than anything approaching comfort. I have revisited most of the reviews that convinced me to purchase and can now see in hindsight that they are not independent reviews, but affiliate marketing sites all making money from selling a useless product.

    After just 2 days of walking I was forced to walk in a pair of sandals for 20km. I had to return to Santiago and buy another pair of boots and I posted these back home. When I got home I tried them again and within 200 meters I could feel the familiar sign of the inner lining tugging at my heel.

    If Treksta have spent so much time researching the perfect boot, they have seriously missed something important and they have my blood to prove it; I cannot believe or stress strongly enough just how bad these boots are. Use your money to buy something else!

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