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What’s a Good Non-Itchy Baselayer?

Baselayers. I need a good one for summer and fall. I know wool is great but frankly, I itch and get pretty hot when I'm mid hike. Any suggestions?


Baselayers. I need a good one. I know wool is great but frankly, I itch and get pretty hot when I’m mid hike. Any suggestions?

Submitted by - Sam, Lawrence, Kansas


I’m a huge wool proponent and I wear it (in different thicknesses) all year round, but I know that some people have really sensitive skin and find it too itchy when the going gets hot. Here’s a good solution: Go hybrid. The Mammut Zip Longsleeve All-Year, left,($80, ) is a blended fabric with extra warmth in key areas and all-poly panels in high sweat areas like the armpits. It’s warm for it’s weight yet highly versatile.

If you really do prefer to go synthetic, one of our current favorites is the Cloudveil Run Don’t Walk Light Top ($85,  ). It’s made of stretchy Polartec Power Dry, which has a waffle pattern on the inner surface for superior wicking. The cut is trim and efficient, and the fabric dries quickly once wet.—Kristin

Photo Courtesy Mammut

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  1. Chris

    Hi Sam and Kristin, the innovative new gear from Frankly – wool and cotton – all natural fibre performance -is impressive stuff.
    I wear the short sleeve half zip – love it.


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