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Remove Sap from Boots

How do you remove poison oak or Ivy sap from boots?


How do you remove poison oak or ivy sap from boots?

Submitted by - Craig, Gresham, OR


A sticky problem, indeed. First off, try putting them in the freezer for a couple hours. Yup, that’s right. Once they’re nice and frozen, pull them out and scrape the sappy stuff gently off the leather with a butter knife. It should flake right off. If not try Goof Off, which is a sticky residue remover that works on just about anything. You’ll find it at any hardware store.

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  1. J

    This is your answer? Put it in the freezer and chip it off? Are you kidding? You can’t usually SEE the sap. WHat do you do to make your hiking boots totally free of poison oak? And if you don’t KNOW, DON’T ANSWER! Is there ANYTHING more annoying than people who answer forum questions without really knowing the answer? DOn’t u have something better to do with your time than mislead people with your guesses?

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